Who Endorses Mark Addiego for City Council 2018?


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MArk’s endorsements include:

Congresswoman Jackie Speier
Assemblymember Kevin Mullin
Judge Quentin L. Kopp (ret.)
John Penna, former Mayor

San Mateo County Democratic Party
San Mateo County Labor Council
San Mateo County Association of Realtors

San Mateo County Board of Supervisors

Dave Pine, President
David J. Canepa, Supervisor

Richard Garbarino, S.S.F. Council member
Pradeep Gupta, S.S.F. Council member

S.S.F.U.S.D. School Board

John Baker, Vice-President
Rosa Govea Acosta, Trustee
Patricia Murray, Trustee

S.S.F. Library Board

Pat Fitzpatrick, President
Diane Huddleston, Trustee
Francisca Hansen, Trustee
Robert Turnberg, Trustee

Campaign Officials / volunteers

Mario Gonzalez - Honorary Chairman
Annamaria Uccelli - Campaign Manager
Madeleine Banfield - Treasurer
Ginny Tilton - Events Chair

City Commissioners

Michelle Evans, Planning
Norm Faria, Planning
Sam Shihadeh, Planning
Betty Battaglia, Parks & Recreation
Richard Holt, Parks & Recreation
Eddie Flores, Parks & Recreation
Cassandra Woo, Cultural Arts
Frank McAuley, Bike & Ped
Paul Formosa, Conference Center
Jim McGuire, Conference Center
Ray Yoschak, Conference Center
Vishalkumar Patel, Conference Center
Bill Zemke, Measure W
Herman Alcalde, Measure W
Jolene Malfatti, Parking
Hermès Monzon, Parking
Jeanette Acosta, Personnel
Mary Giusti, Personnel
Frances Luster, Personnel